Residential Window Cleaning OKC

Clean, crisp windows can transform your home, letting in sunlight and enhancing the overall look of your house. We at Dave’s Window Cleaning understand this, and that’s why we offer high-quality and efficient residential window cleaning services for all of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. 


What to Expect From Our Home Window Cleaning Services

At Dave’s Window Cleaning, our top priorities are safety, quality, and efficiency. When you hire us for your home window cleaning, you will be receiving great cleaning service and great customer service. Here’s exactly what you can expect from us when we come to clean your home’s windows:

  • Exterior and interior window cleaning

  • Convenient services that fit around your schedule

  • Mirror, light fixture, and shower door cleaning

  • Removal of hard water deposits

  • Removal of calcium build-up

  • Highly advanced technology using a water-fed pole for safer, more effective cleaning, as well as deionization and reverse osmosis technology 

  • Low foot traffic both inside and outside your home, only using ladders when absolutely necessary

The Benefits of Hiring Home Window Cleaners

We all know how great a clean home feels, but did you know that it's also a natural mood booster? Clean windows allow more sunlight into your home, and more sunlight means greater energy and happiness. Plus, by hiring professional window cleaners, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning windows yourself.

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If you’re interested in our residential window cleaning services, then don’t wait. Fill out our online form or contact us at 405-659-2910 to receive a free quote. And be sure to ask us about our reduced rates and quarterly contracts!